DSP Configuration

We offer DSP config services to build out basic or complex systems from scratch with a specific brief in mind, 

Need a scale-able configuration built to accommodate varying room types, but with one core design for consistency of Control Programming?  No problem. We are used to building out multiroom/multi dicipline spaces, all under one central audio system. 

We work directly from technical schematics to design and build reliable DSP configs for single or divisible rooms, auditorium/broadcast geared, multi discipline and enterprise scale centralised networked rooms. All systems are built with AV control system  (Crestron, AMX etc) ability or proprietary DSP control interfaces with the inclusion of QLAN/Dante/AVB/AES67 networked audio integration where necessary. 

This can all be conceptualised before any physical build takes place, to make sure all fundamentals are in place. Considerations for banking grade security/network typology to make sure clocking/vlan routing/networked audio considerations will all work in harmony on a client network. 

We can then visit onsite to further develop and fine tune all audio spaces to make sure everything works together as it should do. 

We build out centralised systems on QSC QSYS and BiAmp Tesira systems. We also program Polycom SoundStructure, Crestron Avia and Clearone Converge Pro systems for smaller integrations.